Dr. Oz’s “Faturday”

OK, call me Crazy (like that’s hard to do!) but I was wasting time researching ways to get healthier, online, and found out about something called calorie zig-zag. Have you ever heard of it? Yeah, I don’t know what it was either.

It works this way: instead of eating the same amount of calories every single day of the week, you eat the same amount of calories for three days (Sun-Tues), then increase your calories by 20% on one day (Wed), back to the regular amount for two days (Thurs-Fri), and then increase your calories by 10% on the last day of the week (Sat). The theory, from the way I understand it, is that your body won’t know what to expect and will be getting enough calories to be active and lose weight but will also get a little ‘boost’ of calories (and energy??) on those two “zag” days. This is so foreign to me.

I did watch the “Dr. Oz” show a week or two or several ago (because it’s summer and I’ve actually GOT that kind of time now!) about “Faturday”. The concept there is that you give yourself ONE day a week to ‘pig out’ or ‘fall off’ the diet wagon; by allowing yourself to do that, you will stick to the lower calorie days and won’t be as tempted to cheat. See the link to check it out for yourself…

The thing is, for me anyway, I don’t know that I can really just ‘pig out’ for one day and then be perfect the rest of the week. That’s asking too much for me. I have to admit that since I cut wheat out of my diet (OK, I confess, not 100% out but I’m working on it…), I find that my mood swings and cravings have gotten much better. But I don’t want to risk getting off track from a schedule one day and then… knowing myself as I do… NOT getting back on the schedule again for days, weeks, months, years. Sigh.

So I think that a calorie zig-zag will be a better option. For me. It’s worth a try. I joined a website and downloaded an App so that I can map and track my activity and my food/water. I like that I can track my calories and how much protein, carbs, fats, etc. I’m hoping that it won’t take too long before I’m in the ‘groove’ and know how many calories are in my go-to meals from home so that I can plan accordingly.

Here’s to good health! Salud!