Let’s start with the basics… I’m speeding, too quickly, towards “40”… I grew up in the land of Vikings and Twins and North Stars. I’m an older sister, a daughter, a wife, a mom an aunt, a teacher, a friend, and just about as neurotic as I’ll ever want to be. I have a sarcastic but witty sense of humor. I’ll remember what you tell me and then find a time to bring it back up when it is very, very funny.

I’m not a very good coupon cutter and I’m terrible at organization… clearly I’d be disqualified from the religious groups of 90% of the uber-organized people on Pinterest. Sigh. Yet somehow I make it through life!

My dream some day is to retire early, build a log cabin, and raise dogs. With my husband. And to live close enough to our child that if we need to provide free childcare for any grandchildren, we’d be able to do that. I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 or more years raising and teaching other people’s children…

I don’t fear death because I know the One who has the keys to the kingdom and who waits for me in Paradise. (SDG!)



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