Pray As You Go

I’ve been searching for a way to improve my flexibility. I’ve also been searching for a way to improve my meditation/devotional life. I know that might sound odd but during the school year, I have a great routine: staff devotions/Bible study before school, prayers and devotions to start the day with my students, teaching religion as a class, then prayers before the meal, and prayers before dismissal at the end of the day. I go to Bible study with other women, I play music for my church. I’m just immersed in a routine that surrounds me with quiet prayer and fellowship with other believers.

Once school is out, things change. We pray before meals and do bedtime devotions and prayers. But I’ve just been missing out on something.

One of my favorite memories was working at camp in the early-mid 1990s. I was a counselor and every morning, before my camper girls would wake up, I’d go outside my cabin and sit on the ground. The sun would be rising over the lake and I would say Luther’s morning prayer and do a devotion. The peace and calm was awesome and it helped me through a very, very crazy (but wonderful) summer.

I don’t know how to recreate that, all these years later. Hustle and bustle seems to always seep in. A mentor recommended Pray As You Go (see link) and I’ve really enjoyed that, but I’m still missing something.

As for the physical flexibility. I’ve had people recommend Yoga and Pilates to me. I tried a Yoga/Pilates dvd and some early morning workouts on tv. I wasn’t a big fan of yoga because the poses seemed too hard and I didn’t like the Hindu chant/meditation/feel of it. Pilates just seemed REALLY hard on my back/neck. Didn’t seem like something I could really see myself doing for the long term. One workout that I found that I really DO enjoy is from Teresa Tapp. See her link — she’s shared incredible information, enthusiasm, inspiration, and encouragement with me and many others over the 12+ years since I first ordered her T-Tapp system. One important element of T-Tapp, though, is the need to focus and concentrate on how you are moving your body. I love that because it gets results. I hate that because sometimes I get SO focused on trying to do it perfectly that it really stresses me out…half the time I don’t realize that I’m stressing out about it!

What’s a girl to do? I recently found a website called “Praise Moves” (see the link). Using stretches that are similar to yoga but with Christian Bible verses and meditation, these DVDs seemed promising to me. I ordered one of the new DVDs and it was backordered, so they were nice enough to send me the AM/PM Praise Moves as a free gift. I love it. My little girl and I do the PM workout before her bedtime routine. She is SO flexible and I am SO not… but it’s a great chance to bond and stretch and meditate. Sure, I’d probably get more out of the meditation part if she WASN’T right next to me, but I don’t care. It’s demonstrating that taking care of our body and souls is important. And, I hope, it’s a good memory that she’ll always have to take with her as she grows.